Applying to The Stoneridge School

Applying to The Stoneridge School

Entry Requirements

We pride ourselves on getting to know students and parents when you apply. We would like to meet you and your child, learn about your beliefs in learning and your previous experiences. Please note that giving false information or not fully disclosing information will disqualify your application.

How To Apply

The steps towards admission for your child are as follows:

Step 1: Contact us for an initial conversation
Step 2: Complete an application form and submit, along with required documents
Step 3: Schedule a parent interview with the Leadership Team
Step 4: Schedule an interview for your child, consisting of an age appropriate academic assessment and follow up one-day classroom observational assessment
Step 5: Your application and assessment is reviewed by our admissions team and a meeting is scheduled to provide feedback, either offering admission or suggesting the next step for the child
Step 6: Confirm your acceptance of the child’s admission within 7 days of receiving the admission letter by paying the one-off registration fee of Two hundred fifty thousand shillings only (250.000UGX)

Finding the right class for your child

Here at The Stoneridge School, we believe in children learning together with their age mates. This supports the emotional and social development of the children, and ensures they are learning the appropriate skills and knowledge for their age.

We believe in supporting children to progress through their learning years, at the expected pace. Children attending The Stoneridge School are expected to be able to manage the learning that is appropriate for their age, based on their year of birth.

Supporting documents required:

  • Previous school reports (if relevant)
  • 2 passport photos of your child
  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate (immunisation card if no birth certificate)
  • A copy of Parental ID (mother and father/guardian)