Why The Stoneridge School

Why The Stoneridge School

Learn. Discover. Inspire

The Stoneridge School is a community of learners, friends, educators and leaders, purposefully developed to deliver quality wholistic education. While everyone’s journey is unique and must be nurtured, when your child enters the doors of The Stoneridge School each and every school day they will be treated with respect, with love and with compassion. They will be challenged academically, asked to contribute to society, and taught the importance of a life well lived.


The school is carefully set up with ample spaces, ensuring that there is enough space for the children for both learning and play. The Stoneridge School is foundationally rooted in the Christian faith. At The Stoneridge School, we value diversity, equity, respect and inclusion. The school offers UNEB education but with a global standard of teaching and assessment.


The Stoneridge School aims to be a happy, positive and respectful place where children develop a love for learning, to be critical-thinkers, imaginative problem-solvers and creative innovators that inspire change.

  • Modern classrooms
  • ICT labs
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Sports field
  • Dining hall
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis court