Message from our Leaders

Okanya Julius Okware Head teacher - The Stoneridge School


The Stoneridge School, a national institution committed to delivering exceptional education through the National Curriculum Development Centre [NCDC] – Uganda National Examination Board [UNEB] curriculum. Our approach is contemporary, placing the learner at the core of the educational experience.

At The Stoneridge, we foster a holistic learning environment, encouraging creativity and innovation. Our approach to the curriculum is enriched with projects that challenge and inspire our students. We take pride in offering an all-round education, complemented by an array of clubs such as chess, netball, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, ballet, young engineers, Kiswahili, Chinese, French, guitar, piano, violin, debate, music, and dance, among others.
Our dedicated team of staff, many of whom are UNEB examiners, ensures a high standard of education from playgroup to primary six. We aim to produce not only academically proficient but also innovative and creative learners, equipping them for success in an ever-evolving world.

Join us at The Stoneridge School, where education goes beyond textbooks, and
students flourish through diverse experiences. We invite you to explore our vibrant learning community.

Okanya Julius Okware
Headteacher – The Stoneridge School